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Monday, October 24, 2011

Stoop Lounging

So, you heard I like to sit in chairs like people. And sleep in crates. And nap on tops of people and dogs.

Wanna know my new thing? Stoop lounging. I like to lay on the metal steps going from my kitchen to the backyard. My mom thinks this is weird because metal steps don't sound too comfy for her. But I like it. They get the warm afternoon sun to toast up the fall day. And I am close to the inside but still outside.

My mom is starting to worry about me getting Peezy-sun-burnt so we are doing some research on sun block.


  1. This blog is genius! Where can I send some goods to the lil piglet? I'm a full time artist ( but also work at Global Pet Foods in Ontario Canada and would looove to send some stinkies and chewies! xo

  2. Lindsay, too sweet! Email me at and I'll shoot you my address. I know Baby J would love some goodies!